Change the Look of a Page By Altering Header Types

The success of Indiana Jones the man, the movie, the action figure, is the result of many things, not least of which is his distinct and perfectly-suited hat.

Just like Indy, your website may benefit from the character and polish of a hat, or as we call it: a Header.

Every Weebly theme includes a number of different types for the header of each page. The number and kind of types available vary from theme to theme, but they all have at least four that can be applied to any and all of your pages.

Learn how Header Types work by watching this short How'd They Do That video and / or reading the guide that follows it.


Select a Header Type from the options under the Pages tab. You can also change the header from the page itself, by clicking on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the current header. This can be changed later (and over and over again), so feel free try out different types to determine which one you’d like to use.

Let's take a quick look at the most common types. 

Tall Header

This type is the default for each new page. It includes a section at the top of the page where a large header image can be uploaded.


Short Header

This type includes a header area at the top of the page as well. But as implied by the name, this header is smaller than the default "Large Header" type. 


No Header

You can probably see where this is going now. Where the Large and Small Header types each have an area to upload a header image, this type does not include any such area.


Landing Page

The Landing Page type includes space for a header image, a title, a subtitle message and an action button that can be linked to any other page of your site. The Landing Page is a great choice for your home page.

With any of these headers, you'll click Edit Image to change or alter the header image. You can choose from a large selection of high quality (and free) stock images, or upload an image of your own.

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